It's one thing to try on a jacket in the store, saunter over to the full-length mirror, and maybe glance at the dangling tags full of this year's tech jargon. Pretty much everything feels good in the store or on a short hike in good weather. But when you're huddled in an impromptu bivy on the side of a glacier, wind and snow smacking your face, your gear suddenly—and seriously—matters. On an expedition like Cinders to Sea we really get to know the equipment we take into the wilderness. The purpose of this page is to share some of the insights we've gathered about our gear, and share them with you in the hope that they help you make informed choices about the products you rely on outdoors.

Cinders to Sea was sponsored by Outdoor Research, Kokopelli Packrafts, MaryJane's Farm, Redd, and WindPaddle. All of these companies provided us complimentary or discounted products. While we will try to be as helpful and objective as possible when we discuss sponsor gear, please keep this in mind as you read our reviews. None of the other products we review involved sponsorships. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions about our reviews.